Workshop on Van Dhan and Entrepreneurship Development
Workshop on Van Dhan and Entrepreneurship Development
February 12, 2020
1 min
  • A workshop on “Van Dhan and Entrepreneurship Development” was held in New Delhi.
  • This workshop was organised by the Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India (TRIFED).
  • TRIFED works under the Ministry of Tribal Affairs.
  • Discussions about the implementation and expansion of the Pradhan Mantri Van Dhan Yojana (PMVDY) were held during the workshop.
  • PMVDY is a programme meant for the socio-economic development of forest-based tribes.
  • This programme aims to make use of the traditional knowledge and skills of tribals, and add branding, packaging and marketing skills to sell their products.
  • Under this programme, Van Dhan Self-help groups (SHG) of 15-20 tribal members are formed.
  • Around 15 such groups are combined to form a Van Dhan Vikas Kendra (VDVK).
  • TRIFED supports the VDVKs by providing them with model business plans, processing plans & tentative list of equipment for carrying out the value addition work of NTFPs produced by the tribals.
  • This programme focuses only on “Non-timber Forest Product” (NTFP) also known as “Minor Forest Produce” (MFP).
  • These are useful commodities obtained from forests that do not require harvesting trees.


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