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Current Affairs Articles

Parikshawale provides you with the latest current affairs articles. Important events from diverse fields like economy, politics, sports, science and technology, films and cinema, government schemes and programmes are updated regularly.

Union Government releases  a new four-colour classification scheme for industries based on their pollution potential

Union Government has released a new four-colour classification scheme for industries based on their pollution potential. The four-colour classification scheme of industrial sectors based on the Pollution Index (PI) which is a function of the (i) Emissions (air pollutants) (ii) Effluents (water pollutants) (iii) hazardous wastes generated and (iv) Consumption of resources.

 Blue Dots initiative of UNHCR and UNICEF: Child and Family Support Hubs for Refugees

UNHCR and UNICEF have launched Child and Family Support Hubs initiative known as Blue Dots. These hubs will act as a special support centers for children and families along the most frequently used migration routes in Europe. These twenty Child and Family Support Hubs(Blue Dots) will provide a safe space for children and their families, vital services, play, protection and counselling in a single location. 

Setu Bharatam Project launched by PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi has launched an ambitious Rs 50,800-crore Setu Bharatam project to ensure National Highways without railway crossings by 2019 and overhaul of 1,500 British-era bridges.Under the Setu Bharatam project, a total of 208 railway crossings will be replaced by rail over bridges (ROBs) by 2019 at an estimated cost of Rs 20,800 crore while 1,500 bridges of the British era will be overhauled at an estimated expenditure of Rs 30,000 crore across the country.