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About Us

We, are a group of IIT Alumni, with a single driving force of transforming the haphazard struggle to pass competitive exams into a straight-forward highway to victory and we do so by providing highly authentic core material to each one of you to ace your exams , conducted by recognised government agencies like SSC, UPSC, IBPS for recruitment in public sector.

Parikshawale takes care of your pariksha preparation with the highly targeted material that is crucial in getting you a pass and help you achieve your dream of becoming a government employee of the level you desire. Parikshawale’s purpose is to point your efforts in the right direction, pave your bumpy path into a smooth road to success with summarized but complete content for IBPS, SSC and UPSC and other competitive examinations.

 You will get up-to-date current affairs material in our News Crackers, Articles, Current Affairs Questions section where we daily squeeze out the vital news for you to review in lesser time. Subject wise conceptual and factual information is available which is abridged according to the exam demand. Here you get a clear idea of the areas you need to work on by taking plenty of quizzes aimed to brush up your knowledge and exam taking skills. The content is highly streamlined to conserve your energy and direct it to get you a pass in your particular exam.

Let’s gear up and pass the pariksha with Parikshawale!